Nightcap: Keystone Mini-Golf & Arcade

161 Cecil B. Moore Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19122
Hours: Thursday 5-11 PM; Friday 5 PM-1 AM ; Saturday 1 PM-1 AM; Sunday 1-8 PM

We are switching it up a little bit today, and for the first time ever, posting about something that isn’t actually a bar. While they may not have a liquor license, Keystone Mini-Golf is definitely a place to throw back some beers, and this BYOB mini-golfery and arcade sure feels like a genuine dive.


We went to Keystone on a freezing Friday night earlier this March and pretty much had the place to ourselves for the first hour or so. Half of the holes are outside in some sort of old warehouse courtyard area. With snow on the ground, very little light, and nobody to turn on the space heaters, the need to drink more heavily – and that true divey aura – really came out.

Overall, the hole design and decor is really well done. In one hole, your ball has to roll down the Art Museum steps to make it to the next level. Some of the holes seem damn near impossible at first (especially with an inch of snow on half the greens), but one guy in our group actually made par on the course, all while drinking continuously!


Arcade basketball, skiball, pinball, deer hunter, air hockey and more


Price notes: For $12 you get a round of golf and free reign to walk around and drink as much as you want. There is a $2(?) student discount, and if you just want to hang out without hitting the links, it’s $5. The arcade games are 1 or 2 quarters each. Including the price of a BYO six pack, you can have a great night here for about $25.



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