Bob and Barbara’s Lounge

1509 South St., Philadelphia, PA 19146
Hours: 3 PM – 2 AM Daily

Even if you’ve never been to B&B’s before, it becomes pretty clear what you should be drinking as soon as you walk in. Welcome to Bob and Barbara’s Lounge: the Holy See of the Church of PBR.

Bob and Barb’s takes their PBR seriously. They have a ridiculous number of PBR signs and lights. It’s like they went on CraigsList and bought every PBR-based item in the country and then some. This truly top-notch dive decor – perhaps unmatched by any other dive in Philly or South Jersey – sets the tone for sure. The gentle glow of the incandescent lamps behind the discolored plastic leaves you feeling warm and thirsty inside.


You can quench your thirst at the big main bar or the smaller back corner bar. They do have some craft beers on tap, but nobody comes here for the craft beer. It’s all about the PBR and Jim Beam. In fact, Bob & Barb’s main claim to fame is that combined the two to create the original citywide special. A beer and a shot here will run you $3 – the best deal in the city.


The Organ Trio on a Friday night.

B&B’s boasts some great entertainment too. Friday and Saturday nights feature a jazz organ trio that plays almost continuously for hours on end. The music is great, really unique, and it always draws a decent crowd. One of my favorite features is that it’s all instrumental, so there is no distraction if you want to focus on a conversation and a beer.

Overall Bob and Barb’s a simple dive done right. The beer is cold, the specials are cheap, the music is excellent, and the crowd is always great. A weekend night at this South Street dive pretty much can’t go wrong. Show up with $12 in pocket change, and you’ll stumble home happy.


Food: N/A
Drink: ★★½
Price: $
Overall: ★★★★

Bottom Line
This cash-only Philly dive has been around for nearly half a century. It has a ton of character, and one all-important claim to Philly dive fame: they invented the citywide. Known at B&B’s simply as “the special,” the legendary beer-and-shot special will keep you lubricated all night.

“The Special” – $3 for a can of PBR and a shot of Jim Beam


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