Bottom Feeder Updates

It’s been a while divers, and there are some updates to talk about on the South Jersey dive scene! First off, the specials, wing night, and map have all been updated to reflect dive data to the best of our knowledge. The wing night calendar is really starting to fill up despite losing the golden Monday-Wednesday-Friday combo from Kid Rip’s (they got a new menu and promise a new wing special is coming soon:

Nevertheless we can always use more! If you know of any wing nights, at dives or at more well-lit establishments, drop us a line on the suggestions page.

Some sad news on the dive scene – Red Eagle Tavern has permanently closed. Was our review the final nail in the coffin? Probably. R.I.P. Red Eagle.

On the bright side, Oaklyn Manor is coming back soon! They opened for a day in May to do a dry wet run for the Kentucky Derby and their voicemail message currently confirms a grand re-opening in July. Let’s hope it stays deep with the new owners! We’ll break in the new Manor with a review as soon as they’re up and running.


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