Tower Tavern

Tower Tavern

32 River Dr., Westville, NJ 08093
Hours: Mon-Sat: 10 AM – 2 AM, Sun: 12 PM – 12 AM

Brace yourselves, divers – we’re about to enter depths rarely explored by the average bottom feeder. Tower Tavern, in Westville, NJ, may very well be our diviest watering hole to date.  Located at a railroad intersection under the town’s water tower and a web of high voltage power lines, this spot is easy to miss.  But trust me, you won’t want to pass the Tavern by.20151212_201519

From the outside, Tower Tavern has all of the notable features of any worthy dive bar.  On what appears to be a re-purposed house, you’ll find outdated signs and paneling accented by a single outdoor canopy with a few sad
benches.  One step inside, and the divey nature of this bar is confirmed.  Tower Tavern boasts a wide array of dive décor, ranging from Bud signs to sports memorabilia, all carelessly hung on the wood paneling.  There are a few high tops and ample space around the bar, in addition to 2 pool tables and a few retro arcade games.  We ordered a few beers (not the freshest) and posted up near the Master Strike machine, where we were excited to find that a round of shuffle bowling only costs a quarter.

IMG_1861~2 (1)

Strike Master is the best feature of this bar by far.

Though we had already eaten dinner at the nearby Colonial Cafe, we worked up an appetite from all the beer and bowling.  We chose pizza rolls from the variety of fried offerings.  Lucky for us, the kitchen only had half an order of rolls left, so we got an additional order of pretzel bites free of charge.  When our food arrived, I was struck by an overwhelming sense of nostalgia.  This was any 90’s kid’s ideal after-school snack – Tostino’s and Super Pretzels!  The freezer finds were cooked to scalding hot perfection – a true testament to the absolute mediocrity of the Tavern’s kitchen.

After some more Master Strike, a DJ set up to play for the Saturday night crowd of about a half dozen. Running low on quarters, and realizing that we were right next to the speakers, we got the hell out of there.

The Tavern experience is a must for any dedicated diver.  Everything from the outdated decor and unkempt bathrooms, to the frozen food and liquor bottles stored on the floor contribute to the unfathomable depth of the Tower Tavern.  So next time you find yourself in the depths of Westville, be sure to locate the water tower.  It will be your North Star all the way to your new favorite dive.

Tower Bathroom2

Great things await you in the restroom at Dickhead Drive.

Food: ★
Drink: ★
Price: $
Overall: ★

Bottom Line
This place is Mariana Trench deep. That’s also how low you should set the bar.

No regular specials advertised but the current specials are on the wall.


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