The El Bar

The El Bar

1356 N. Front St., Philadelphia, PA 19122
Hours:  Mon – Sat: 10 AM – 2AM.  Sun: 11 AM – 2AM

Man, this place fucking rules.  We walked into this bar, appropriately located under the El tracks, on a Saturday night to a bunch of dirty punks jumping around to some shitty punk band. I bellied up to the bar and ordered a $1.50 can of Hamm’s (yes, you read right – and this deal is all day, everyday!) from a chick bartender with hairy pits.


As I sipped my Hamm’s, I scanned the room and kept finding more and more shit I loved about this place. They don’t have a cigarette machine, but you can buy packs right from the bartender, according to the hand-written, cardboard sign behind the bar.  But what really made me fall in love with The El Bar, was their “Kensington Happy Meal” deal.  If you thought that $1.50 for a can of Hamm’s was good, just get a load of this – $5 for a pounder of PBR, two hotdogs, a bag of chips, and a mystery toy.  Fuck the City Wide Special (which is also available at El Bar, as it should be), the Kensington Happy Meal is the deal of the god damn century.


I don’t have much more to say about The El Bar.  You shouldn’t even be reading this anymore.  If you’re not on your way out the door to get yourself a Kensington Happy Meal, I don’t know what your fucking problem is.  The El Bar is the best dive bar I’ve been to in Philly in ages.  You’ve gotta get over there.

Price: $

Bottom Line:
There’s no bullshit at the El Bar.  Cheap drinks and food, loud music, and ample seating.  Although I was only there to hear live music, I’d assume they play some pretty great shit when there aren’t bands on stage, too, considering the cover photo on their Facebook page is a picture of Charlie Brown, Linus, and Lucy from the Peanuts, wearing Joy Division, Smiths, and Cure t-shirts.  Check this place out.

Everyday until 7pm: $5 for a 16oz PBR, 2 hot dogs, a bag of chips, and a mystery toy
During Eagles games: $1 Hamm’s cans


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