Locust Bar

Locust Bar

235 S 10th St.
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Recently, a few of my delinquent friends and I went to see the amazing Bill Burr in Philadelphia.  If you’re not familiar with Mr. Burr, he is one of the funniest comedians out there, and you would be well advised to check out his bi-weekly podcast, or even better, one of his stand-up specials.  Naturally, since we were seeing one of our favorite comedians on a Friday night, we did quite a bit of drinking before, during, and after the show.  When the show let out, we were thirsty for more booze, so we headed back into Center City.  Before catching PATCO back to superior side of the Delaware River, we stopped off at Locust Bar.  Locust Bar is conveniently located directly outside of an entrance to the 9-10 Street PATCO station, making it the perfect place to wet your whistle before embarking on the long, exhausting, 15-minute train ride back Jersey.

The first thing you’ll notice when you step into Locust Bar is that smoking is still allowed there.  Now, while not everyone agrees with the habit, you certainly can’t deny that it’s a key feature for a dive bar, and one that’s nearly extinct.  The second thing you’ll probably notice is the great deal they have on Bud Ice.  $3 for a 25 ounce can!  Sure, there are better deals out there, but we certainly couldn’t pass this one up, if only for the novelty.  I mean, Bud Ice?  Who knew they even made that shit anymore?  As we sat, contently chugging our Bud Ice cans in a cloud of stale smoke, we examined the joint some more.  The crowd here was a mix of old weirdos, as you’d expect, with the occasional hipster thrown into the mix.  After all, this is Philadelphia, you can’t get away from those nerds no matter how hard you try.

Locust Bar didn’t appear to serve food, but their website proves otherwise. Their menu is pretty typical for a dive of this type, with the three main food groups – burgers, wings, and cheesesteaks – all accounted for.  And there IS a wing night!  We were there late, so the kitchen was probably closed anyway, but we will certainly stop by again soon for a healthy dose of second-hand smoke and greasy food.


Food: N/A (oops)
Drink: ★★★
Price: $$
Overall: ★★★

Bottom Line: Winter is coming, and smoking outside is going to be getting more and more unpleasant.  Instead of standing at the top of the PATCO steps, finishing your cigarette in the freezing cold, step inside Locust Bar for a drink, a smoke, and some greasy food.  You won’t be disappointed.

Sunday: Karaoke Night with DJ Lars – 7pm-Midnight
Monday: Wing Night – 50¢ Wings – 9pm – Midnight (in-house only)
Tuesday: Quizzo Night with JB – Prizes – 7:30pm-9:30pm
Wednesday: Pitcher Night – Domestic Pitchers $9.50, Premium Pitchers $12.50 – 9pm-Midnight


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