Oaklyn Manor

Oaklyn Manor

198 W. Clinton Ave, Oaklyn, NJ 08107
Hours: 11 AM – 2:30 AM Mon – Sat; 11 AM – Midnight Sun

Friday, August 21, 2015 was a somber night for South Jerseyans: it was Chase Utley’s first game as a Los Angeles Dodger. The sun was setting on an era, and the appropriate dive in which to spend this time for reflection and drinking was, of course, Oaklyn Manor.

A signed jersey, one of the several odes to Chase at Oaklyn Manor.

A signed jersey, one of the several odes to Chase at Oaklyn Manor.


You know it’s good when they have a Red Dog sign on the ceiling.

After paying my respects at the Utley shrine, we looked for seat with a view of the Dodgers game. The front bar was packed to the gills (with other Utley fans, no doubt), and the back bar was full of people playing Cards Against Humanity, so we took a seat outside. There are a couple TVs out there that you can see from the decently-sized deck. A seasoned dive waitress took our order: wings, buffalo chicken nachos, and a pitcher of Yuengling. The wings at Oaklyn Manor come dry or sauced up – and you definitely want sauce. The house blend is an amazing combo of BBQ, honey mustard, and garlic.

The wings are small, but they are outstanding. Just writing this is making my mouth water for the 35¢ wings on Tuesdays. You won’t be let down by the buffalo chicken nachos either, although they could benefit from some peppers and onions to go with the buffalo chicken.

Oaklyn Manor Sign

Oaklyn Manor is a classic South Jersey dive. The inside is dark, the pitchers are big, and the building is old as hell. In fact, the Manor is about as old as a bar can get around these parts; it’s been around since just after prohibition, and it’s been a divers paradise ever since.

Side note: the Manor has been immortalized in fiction, in a book by local author Matthew Quick.

Food: ★★★★
Drink: ★★★
Atmosphere: ★★★★
Price: ★★★★
Overall: ★★★★

Bottom Line
A classic dive with killer weekday specials. Oaklyn Manor is a hidden gem.

Notable Specials:
Happy Hour 4-6 PM daily, and different food specials every night, including dinner specials on the weekends. Here are the highlights:
Sunday –  $3 Anchor Steam Bottles, $3.95 Buffalo Fries
Monday – Miller Lite ($2.25 Bottles/Pints, $6 Pitchers), $3 for 5 Panzarotinis
Tuesday – Sam Adams ($3 Pints, $10 Pitchers), 35¢ Wings, $5.75 Buffalo Chicken Nachos
Wednesday – Coors Lite ($2.25 Pints, $6 Pitchers), $5.95 Pizzas, $5.15 Mussels
Thursday – Yuengling ($2 Pints, $2.50 Bottles), $7.25 Pulled Pork w/ Mondo Fries
Friday – Miller Lite ($2.25 Bottles/Pints, $6 Pitchers)
Saturday – Shock Top ($3 Pints, $6 Pitchers), $5.75 Nachos

The weekly specials list is on their website too.


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