Mulligans’s Bar

Mulligan’s Bar (formerly Merryfield’s)

Update 10/01/2015: just after the initial review, Merryfield’s rebranded itself as Mulligan’s. Terrible change in my opinion, but it’s still the same place as before. Same staff, same menu and all. 

1208 White Horse Pike, Oaklyn, NJ 08107
Hours: 11 AM – 2 AM Sun – Thu; 11 AM – 3 AM Fri – Sat

Cash only. Dim lighting. And the bar layout suspiciously resembles that of a strip club. Yup – Merryfield’s fits the bill for a Bottom Feeder dive.


Protect yourself at the glory hole!

We rolled in to this WHP staple on a Friday night craving a heaping portion of Spanish Fries. On this particular night, however, they were offering $3 Founder’s All Day IPAs (they have craft specials on on Fridays), so you better believe we got lit and stayed for a late-night-happy-hour binge.

It didn’t take too long to see that this Irish dive is about more than just Spanish fries and American beers.
The roast pork sandwich and chicken quesadilla did not disappoint, and the prices are hard to beat. Yuenglings are $3. You can refuel on food and beer for $15 with ease. Just be careful not to exceed your cash reserves, or else you’ll get gouged by the ATM fees (I told you it was like a strip club!).


Somebody won at poker.

After some time at the bar, we got to talking to our two servers (separate checks and separate servers for food and drinks… is this just a Camden County dive thing or what?). Both were friendly, but vaguely cruel: a signature characteristic of a classically-trained dive bar employee. Our waitress put on the charm and convinced us that we needed into $1.75 frozen piña coladas for some reason, while the bartender made fun of my Riversharks jersey, which I defended with pride (sk’go Sharks!).

Merryfield’s really has something for divers of any persuasion. Poker on Tuesdays, live music on the weekends, different specials every night, and Wednesday is both quizzo night and pasta night, which is apparently extremely popular based solely on how full the parking lot gets. So get hungry, throw on your Rivershark’s jersey, and head down to Merryfield’s for a beer or six.

Food: ★★★★
Drink: ★★★½
Price: $$
Overall: ★★★½

Bottom Line
Really good food and plenty of specials – a really solid local bar. Try the Spanish Fries!

Merryfield’s has Happy Hour and Late Night Specials, plus plenty of one-offs, but here are the weekly regular specials:
Sunday –  $2 Bud Draughts / $2.50 Bottles; NFL Specials: $2 Domestics, Half-off pizza and wings, $1 Dogs
Monday – $3 Irish Imports (Guinness, Hard, Smithwicks)
Tuesday – $2 Coors Lite 16 oz. Draughts / $2.50 Bottles / 23 oz. Draughts, $3.50 Blue Moon 23 oz. Draughts + Poker + Steak Night
Wednesday – $2.75 Yuengling Draughts / Bottles + Quizzo + Pasta Night
Thursday – $2 Miller Lite Draughts / $2.50 Bottles + Seafood Night
Friday – $3 Craft Specials +Live Music
Saturday – $2.75 Miller Lite Bottles + Live Music

The specials calendar is on their website too.


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