The Hudson House

Hud InsideThe Hudson House

19 E 13th St, Long Beach Township, NJ 08008
            January – March: closed
            April – May: Fri 8pm-2am, Sat 8pm-3am
            June – September: Sun-Fri 12pm-2am, Sat 12pm-3am
            October-December: Fri 8pm-2am, Sat 8pm-3am
            New Years Eve 8pm-6am

The Hudson House, or “The Hud,” as it’s affectionately known to Long Beach Island locals, is the epitome of Jersey Shore dive bars.  A favorite of locals, the Hud is the best place on the island to get away from the touristy crowds that swarm the area during the summer months.  In an area over-saturated with shitty bars and clubs, the Hud is a breath of fresh, asbestos-filled air.

As with many Jersey Shore businesses, the Hudson House is closed in the winter.  It reopens every year in mid-April.  This past Friday was opening night at the Hud, a holiday long celebrated by Long Beach Islanders.  As I entered the Hud with my dad on this most joyous of occasions, he commented on how it looked the same as it did when he was a regular there in the seventies.  And that’s what’s so great about this bar.  It’s just a good old fashioned bar.  Like something you would’ve seen on a television show thirty years ago.  Old pictures, beer signs, and assorted bullshit cover the walls at the Hud, and it features every bar game you could wish for: Pinball, darts, shuffle board, and billiards, just to name a few.  In true dive style, the Hud doesn’t have a kitchen.  The only food you’ll find here are hard pretzels, Slim Jims, and chips.  And that’s probably for the best, because the stall in the men’s room doesn’t have a door.

Besides the timeless look and feel of the Hudson House, it’s got great drinks at affordable prices.  A mug of draft light beer will only cost you $3, which is a bargain at the Shore.  Craft beers on draft, including a selection from local Ocean County brewery Pinelands Brewing Co. (where Hud bartender Robbie is a brewer), will cost you anywhere from $4-$5.  Additionally, there’s a wide variety of canned and bottled beers and ciders, and wine only comes in those small, personal-size bottles.  But perhaps some of the best drinks available here are found on the liquor shelf.  A Little Beer shot at the Hud is a must.  Although it’s just a shot of Licor 43 topped with half and half cream, you won’t find a better Little Beer anywhere.  They’ve even won awards for it.  And be sure to try a shot of Tiddy’s Canadian Liqueur.  I’m not sure what it is, but it’s god damned delicious.  And this place is the only bar (or liquor store) that I’ve ever seen it in.

Aside from the beach, the Hudson House is the best thing about Long Beach Island.  And if you’re in the area on New Year’s Eve, there’s not a better place to be – they’re open until 6am that night!

Food: n/a
Drink: ★★★★
Atmosphere: ★★★★★
Price: $$
Overal: ★★★★

Bottom Line
Friendliest bartenders on the island.  Best prices on the island.  Get there now.

Noteworthy Food and Drink Specials:
Reduced-price bottles and cans after Labor Day.


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