The Old Rail Tavern

The Old Rail TavernThe Old Rail - Sign
101 Clement’s Bridge Rd., Barrington, NJ 08007
Hours: 10 AM – 2 AM

Good food, unique decor, and fresh beer await you at The Rail. The actual-fire-hydrant-turned-tap-tower apparently provides the perfect beer serving conduit, because the beer at The Rail is ideal. This neighborhood spot has nightly specials so you can dive often, highlighted by $3.50 Flying Fish pints on Fridays and 50¢ wings on Sundays. In addition to the common domestics and Flying Fish, The Rail usually has one or two more crafts on tap – Forgotten Boardwalk and Sierra Nevada this time around. Don’t expect the waitresses to know the draught list, but if you sit at the horseshoe-bar, you can ask Dan the bartender for real-time updates. Dan is probably one of the best bartenders in Camden County, so a seat at the bar is recommended.

The Old Rail actually contains two businesses (or so it seems). There’s The Rail itself, and Tom’s American Grill, which cooks up the food and is billed separately if you sit at the bar (but not if you sit at a table, oddly enough). Food highlights include the wings, crab balls (among a nice collection of other crab-products), and nachos. Everything on the menu actually sounds pretty great, and the pizza appears to be pretty popular.

Now, The Old Rail seems like it should be a deep dive. We are convinced that the place actually used to be an

old railroad station! But measuring the depth of The Rail can be a conundrum – stay with me. How do you judge a bar with a plethora of old, irrelevant sporting memorabilia that also offers good beer served at the perfect temperature? What do you make of a place that is clean enough to have an open kitchen, but actually has stick-on window tint to darken the bar all day long?! It seems that The Old Rail Tavern falls somewhere near the middle of the depth meter, which makes it a great place for any diver to frequent on a regular basis. Enjoy!

Food ★★★½
Drink ★★★
Atmosphere ★★★½
Price ★★★½
Overall ★★★½

Bottom Line
You’ll find good food and a real neighborhood bar atmosphere at the Rail. Take a seat at the horseshoe-bar to get the most out of the conversation and decor.

Noteworthy Food and Drink Specials:
Monday: $7 Burgers
Wednesday: $2 Yuengling bottles ’til 11 PM
Thursday: $8 Plain Pizzas
Friday: $3.50 Flying Fish seasonal pints ’til 11 PM
Sunday: 50¢ wings


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