R Mac’s Publick House

110 N. White Horse Pike, Oaklyn, NJ 08107
Hours: 10 AM – 2 AM

Gluttony is a great sin. With half-priced, double-sized wings, R Mac’s is a great place to sin-binge on a Monday night. And when we say double-sized wings we mean it. We were happy to learn during our dive that they used to offer normal flats and drums, but dropped them in favor of the exclusive elusive drum-flat combo. The standard is a very deep fry, so even the wingtips are crunchy enough to eat. At half-price, 8 of these bad boys are only six bucks. Unbeatable. And feel free to dive into a basket of crab fries with a jawn of cheese, which are the same exact price as a basket of plain fries!

The beer selection is a little wider than the deepest of dives, totaling 12-15 taps, but we stuck with $1.50 Yuengling pints (all domestics are $1.50 all day Monday through Friday, but who cares about the other domestics). R Mac’s also has a chalkboard of custom cocktails, including something called a Key Lime Pie that features a graham cracker crust and Liquor 43, which is the only liquor that you need to know about.

The atmosphere could be divier. Nice hard wood floors, fresh paint, clean bathrooms – it might throw off the typical diver. But the finer details can’t be ignored. We sat down next to the town drunk, who was at least six domestics deep, and loud enough at just the right times to give us a good laugh. A broken Megatouch machine adds to the charm of the back of the bar, and reduces glare so you can enjoy five TVs showing the same NIT tourney game at once.

Feb 2017 Update:
Crowds are definitely growing at R Mac’s, no doubt due to the awesome specials and really good food. It’s gotten a little divier too – there is an unmistakable frat house scent of beer soaked into the walls now, and the TVs seem to show the random collection of channels that no customer could have possibly ever requested. Below is a shot of the most recent rendition of the wings, prepared by the new head chef. These bad boys are awesome – perfectly fried to the point where the ends are crispy but the meat is still juicy.


On a Monday night you can get 16 of these double wings for about $10. That’s at least three meals.

Food ★★★★
Drink ★★★
Price $$
Overall ★★★½

Bottom Line
At these prices, it’ll take a long time to blow your paycheck at R Mac’s. This isn’t the deepest of dives, but it’s certainly a great spot to binge. Take advantage of the specials!

Food and Drink Specials (updated Feb 2017):
Click here for the specials page on R Mac’s website
The highlights:
Monday: Half priced wings, $2 tacos, $6 cheesesteaks and chicken cheesesteaks, $1.50 domestics, $5 margaritas, and Mexican beer specials
Tuesday: Buy one get one pizza, or pizza and a domestic pitcher for $10.95, $2.50 domestics
Wednesday: $6 burgers, $2.50 domestics, $12 Tommy Teas, $16 inception bombs (if you want to get black out drunk),
Thursday: All you can eat snow crabs for $28.95 and jumbo crab clusters for $13.95, starting at 5 PM. Quizzo at 9 PM. $6 burgers, $2 Yuengling, $2.50 domestics, $3 Heineken
Friday: $2 Rolling Rock, $3 Blue Moon, $4 Fireball, $2 domestics 4-7 PM
Irish Saturday: $3 Guinness & Killian’s, $4 shots of Jameson, Tullamore Dew, Powers & Paddy’s, $5 Car Bombs


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